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Lowongan Bank DKI

Jul 14, 2011

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Bank DKI. was first established in Jakarta with the name "PT Djakarta Raya Regional Development Banks" as set forth in the deed of Limited Liability Companies Djakarta Raya Regional Development Bank (PT Bank Regional Development Djakarta Raya) Avg. 30 dated 11 April 1961 made ​​by and before Eliza Pondaag SH, Notary in Jakarta, which has obtained approval from the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in his decision letter No.. JA5/31/13 April 11, 1961 and was registered in a register at the Office of the Jakarta District Court under the stars. 1274 dated June 26, 1961 and has been published in Supplement No.. 206 Republic of Indonesia No.. 41 dated June 1, 1962. (more history)

Bank DKI has always been committed to helping the people of Jakarta, to invite the sons and daughters as well as young professionals in the field of banking that has competence, passion, high integrity to join with us in order to realize the Bank DKI be the best and be proud of, as:

Special Qualifications:
  • Minimal S1.
  • GPA ≥ 2.75
  • Maximum age 30 years.
  • Not married.
Special Qualifications:
  • Pend. High school, the average value of at least 6.5
  • D1-D3 education, minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Maximum age 23 years.
  • Preferred Experience as Teller.
  • Not married.
General Qualifications:
  • Minimal S1, preferably from reputable university Major: Accounting, Management, Banking, Mathematics, Statistics, Industrial Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Law, Computer Science, Communication, Public Relations / Public Relations (Code: CS, ADM)
  • Look attractive and good personality.
  • Height: Women at least 160 cm; Men at least 165 cm, with a weight proportional.
  • Customer oriented
  • Preferred domicile Greater Jakarta.
  • Preferred has the ability to speak English (Oral / Post)
  • Willing to be placed throughout the Unit PT. Bank DKI
Candidates who meet the above qualifications may send an email in word format / pdf with attachments up to 5 Megabytes (MB) via the email address by stating the subject application code ex: Teller / TL, Customer Service / CS, Administrative / ADM) to: recruitment@bankdki.co.id

Or Mail complete application (Application, Curriculum Vitae, Photocopy of KTP, Pas Photo 4X6, Photocopy Last Diploma and Transcript) with the application code at the top left corner of the envelope may be addressed to:
Pemimpin Grup Sumber Daya Manusia Bank DKI
Jl. Ir.H Juanda III No. 7-9 Lt.4 Jakarta Pusat 10120

Applications received later than 30 September 2011.
Only applicants with the best qualified candidates (shortlist candidate) will be included in the subsequent selection process.

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Lowongan Bank DKI

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