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Lowongan Kerja Bank BRI Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bogor

Oct 4, 2011

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Lowongan BRIPT.Bank BRI (Persero). Born on 16 December 1895 as a small association with responsibility of managing fund of a local mosque, which would than be channeled to the local community through a very simple scheme, a small financial institution called De Poerwokertosche Hulp en Spaarbank der Inlandsche Hoffden started its long History from Purwokerto, Central Java, and became the pedigree of Bank Rakyat Indonesia.

As time passed, the small setup found by Raden Aria Wiriatmadja continued to flourish and meet the need of the community. In the course of its existence, its name was changed several times, beginning with the Hulp-en Spaarbank der Inlandsche Bestuurs Ambtenareen followed by De Poerwokertosche Hulp Spaar-en Landbouw Credietbank (Volksbank), Centrale Kas Voor Volkscredietwesen Algemene in 1912 and Algemene Volkscredietbank (AVB) in 1934. During the Japanese occupation, AVB was changed into Syomin Ginko.

After the Japanese defeat in the Second World War and Indonesia’s independence, the Indonesian Government once again changed the name to Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) on February 22, 1946. Based on Government Regulation No. 1 of 1946, BRI became the first bank to be owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

As a state-owned bank, Bank BRI played a key role in realizing the government’s vision in the development of people’s economy. In 1960, the government change BRI’s name into Bank Koperasi dan Nelayan (BKTN). Based on Law No.21 of 1968, the government renamed the bank BRI and it became a public bank. Later, based on Banking Law No.7 of 1992, BRI had its name and legal status of its entity changed to PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero). With a focus on micro, small and medium businesses, BRI has inspired a lot of other organizations to empower the businesses in these sectors as they are the backbone of the Indonesian economy.

On November 10, 2003, Bank BRI became a publicly listed company and the government divested 30% of its shares to the public. Since the Go Public, the price of BRI’s shares have always increased and are now included in the Blue Chips shares belonging to the LQ45 group. With the public controlling 43% of its shares, BRI’s shares are actively traded in the capital market. Today, BRI stands out as a strong bank in the midst of the Indonesian economy from the villages to the cities.

PT. BANK RAKYAT INDONESIA (PERSERO) Tbk. provides an opportunity for Indonesian best people for a career in the BRI through:

Program Pengembangan Staf BRI & PPS IT

General Requirements :

  • Bachelor (S1) / Master (S2) degree from reputable university with accreditation score A or B.
  • Majoring in:PPS Umum: Economics, Law, Engineering, Agriculture Technology, Psychology, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Fisipol (only for Department of International Relations, Communication, Fiscal Administration, Business Administration and State Administration), MIPA (only for the Department of Mathematics, Statistics.
  • PPS Auditor: Economics, Law, Engineering, Agriculture, Fisipol (only for Fiscal Administration, Business Administration and State Administration), MIPA (only for the Department of Mathematics, Statistics).
  • PPS IT: Computer Science, Informatics Engineering
  • Minimum GPA for Bachelor 2.75 (PTN) and 3.00 (PTS)
  • Minimum GPA for Master 3.25 with Bachelor GPA minimum 2.75 (PTN) and 3.00 (PTS)
  • Maximum 27 years old (Bachelor) and 30 years old (Master)
  • Prioritized for those who have never been applying Program Pengembangan Staf (PPS) BRI before.
  • Willing to sign a Letter of Agreement with BRI if already accepted as a participant PPS BRI.

General Requirements:

  • Has experience as Auditor in Public Accounting Firm (KAP) or Consulting Group - Auditor, Internal Auditor or the Bank / Financial Institution. Minimum 3 (three) years.
  • Age under 35 years old (not yet 35 years old at the time of application).
  • Education S2 or S1 from the Faculty of Economics, Law, Engineering, FISIP (Trade Administration), Agriculture and Husbandry of the PTN / PTS accredited A / B.
  • GPA: S1 min 2.75 (scale 4), S2 min 3:25
  • Mastering the English language.
  • Placement on Branch Offices across Indonesia, and preferred to be placed on the Branch Office in the Office of Inspection unit area in the region of origin of applicants.

For those who are interested can register yourselft at BRI booth on BRI Jobfair that will be held in October 2011 on following campuses

UNPAD Job Fair 2011, 04-05 Oktober 2011, Grha Sanusi Kampus UNPAD Jl. Dipatiukur-Bandung
BRI Job Expo, 06-07 Oktober 2011, Kampus UGM-Yogyakarta
Airlangga Career Fair & Scholarship Expo, 13-15 Oktober 2011, Auditorium Kampus C Universitas Airlangga, Jl. Mulyorejo - Surabaya
Titian Karir ITB, 14-16 Oktober 2011, Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga), Kampus ITB - Bandung
IPB Job Fair, 22-23 Oktober 2011, Gedung Graha Widya Wisuda, Kampus IPB Dramaga - Bogor

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Lowongan Kerja Bank BRI Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bogor

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